Iittala Brings the Joy of Design to Malaysian Homes

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December 14, 2016

Iittala Brings the Joy of Design to Malaysian Homes

Kuala Lumpur, 9 December 2016 – Where beauty meets practicality, it is where Iittala stands tall. The renown Finnish glassworks brand, established in 1881, is responsible for curating collections both aesthetically striking and emotionally evocative. With a focus on glassware, tableware, and homeware, and by thrusting their vision into the hands of top designers and craftsmen, Iittala has changed and continues to change the landscape of home design. This avante garde brand will be bringing some of that flair to Malaysian homes come 2017.

“We are proud to be a part of the Iittala story. The vision behind this brand is simply spectacular. By introducing their collections to the Malaysian market, we hope to empower the aficionados of the finer things in life with the ability to express their tastes absolutely,” said Chong Khee Min, Chief Executive Officer of Glasir Asgard Sdn. Bhd, Iittala’s official distributor.

Perhaps most iconic of all are the Birds by Toikka. Oiva Toikka, a Finnish glass designer, has displayed an acute eye for the distinct features of birds. The collection boasts over 400 unique designs, all carefully hand crafted and blown. These delicate delights have stood the test of time, adding a bold yet graceful touch to every home they alight in.

Toikka is also the great mind behind the Kastehelmi collection which is adorned with a unique dewdrop pattern that seeks to bring the outdoors in. The tiny glass bubbles are reminiscent of a lush meadow just kissed by the breath of morning. The refreshing collection designed to bring a cool and light lift to all that is placed upon it.

Taika means “magic” in Finnish, and true to its name, the Taika collection by designer Klaus Haapaniemi inspires onlookers with an enchanting whimsy. The intricate designs decorate the stunningly simple Aika series by Heikki Orvola. This collection speaks of rich cultural and historical Finnish heritage proudly passed down from generations before.

Inspired by the melting ice in Lapland, under the careful eye of design powerhouse Tapio Wirkkala the Ultima Thule collection has emerged as an iconic piece of art. This exclusive design calls for an assiduous glass-blowing technique to produce the stunningly realistic effect.

With a dauntless vision to craft pieces of art to decorate and enhance the interiors of homes across the world, Iittala has remained faithful to the progressive philosophy first imagined by Kaj Franck and Alvar Aalto.

The aforementioned collections, all momentous in the design world, are a mere fraction of the abundance Iittala has to offer. The brand has been a staple in homes across the world, in the United Kingdom, France, Korea, Hong Kong, and Australia. The beginning of 2017 marks the brand’s foray into Southeast Asia.

For more information and updates about Iittala, visit Iittala Malaysia Facebook page at http://facebook.com/iittala.my. Products will be available from the beginning of 2017. For inquiries, please email info@glasirasgard.com or by phone at +603 7887 7656.


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